Experts in industrial boiler equipment supply

CONSTRUCTIONS Babcock Spares & Services specialises in suppliying spare parts for industrial boilers: pressure equipment, burners, grate bars, soot blowers… Suppliying spare parts is one of the services provided by CONSTRUCTIONS Babcock Services, which is a leader in maintenance and renovation of industrial boilers.
Its Clients are organisations from various sectors that use a boiler or steam generator for their activities.
Our teams comprise consultants that understand and can meet your needs, selling you the right part at the right price. We know your boiler and so we know which spare part will solve your problem. We guarantee the quality and compliance of the parts and ship them to you, in any country.
Over the course of its history, CONSTRUCTIONS BABCOCK Services has accumulated many archives and plans for boilers of many leading brands BABCOCK WILCOCK, FIVES CAIL BACOCK, LARDET, SEUM, DUQUENNE, ALFA LAVAL, CITTIC CAROSSO, WIF, which enables us to manufacture unique parts made spécially for you.
Our heritage at your service.