Products and Services

CONSTRUCTIONS BABCOCK Spares & Services can supply any equipment or spare part for industrial boilers, boiler rooms and waste tratment plants using solid or liquid fuels (biomass, coal, bagasse, gas) or electricity.

We also supply equipment for pneumatic conveying systems.

Guaranteed quality and conformity guarantee

We can help you to decide what you need and we guarantee the quality and the conformity of the parts we supply.

Is the part you need no longer available on the market?

If your equipment is obsolete, CONSTRUCTIONS BABCOCK Spares & Services can, after investigation, provide you with a replacement product that is suitable for your plant and that meets current standards.

Do you want a part made from a drawing?

We can supply parts made from drawings. The CONSTRUCTIONS BABCOCK Services document archive covers equipment for well-known brands from the past: BABCOCK WILCOX, LARDET, DUQUENNE, CITTIC CAROSSO, SEUM, WIF, ALFA LAVAL (electrical), FIVES PENHOET and others.

Do you need custom made parts according to specifications?

Based on your specifications, we can supply the product that meets your needs. We can call on our technical department to make special parts.