Combustion grates, fuel distributors and feeders

Your biomass or coal boilers need combustion grates that are in top working order. The productivity and hence the profitability of your installation depend on it.

Grate spare parts for industrial boilers

We can supply any kind of combustion grate : dumping grate and rotary grate, Ingnifluid™ and Spreader furnaces.
We can provide spare parts for the following equipment:
  • Chain grates
  • Grate bars
  • Support rails
  • Chain guides
  • Links and bars for chains
  • Tightness plates
  • Wear plates
  • Guide slides
  • Chain and idler sprockets
  • Shells and shaft bearing supports
We can also supply complete subassemblies pre-assembled in our workshops.

Parts for fuel distributors and feeders for industrial boilers with Spreader furnace

In order to guarantee that your feeder-disributors run smoothly, we supply the following spare parts:
  • Fuel distributor shafts
  • Throat blades
  • Chain conveying
  • Water cooled bearings
  • Air baffles
  • Nozzles
We can deliver subassemblies or complete fuel distributors massembled and tested in our workshops.

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