Pneumatic conveying systems

In addition to boiler-related activities, we provide pneumatic conveying services for the world of industry. Our expertise in the pneumatic transport of bulk products (solid powder products or in granulated form) means that we can provide you with the right equipment for your plants.

A range adapted to all sectors of industry

CNIM’s history as a waste incineration plant builder has contributed to its expertise and legitimacy in the supply of equipment for pneumatic conveying. Today, our expertise goes well beyond the field of energy production.
Our pneumatic conveying customers come from various sector of industry: pharmaceuticals, food, cement, municipal incineration plants, etc.

We can supply any part

We supply every types of equipment that you may need for pneumatic conveying:
  • Dome valves
  • Switching valves
  • Discharge valves
We also supply all of the spare parts associated with the above equipment, including:

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